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Welcome To FloWatch

FloWatch Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System BS9251:2021 

FloWatch are a market leading manufacturer of fire sprinkler monitoring systems and equipment. All our products are compliant with BS9251:2021.

We are a proud supporter of UK industry and all of our design, supply chain, assembly and distribution is all UK based. This helps us maintain highest level of quality and service.

Domestic and residential systems only requiring annual service visits, they sit dormant for most of their operation lifetime. Due to this, it is important that the sprinkler system and its key components be continually monitored for their correct state and condition. Should any part or component of the system whose failure (or condition) might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in the case of a fire, the raising of a supervisory alarm should take place. This allows for corrective action to be taken.

Single Sprinkler Zones

Single Dwellings

Multiple Sprinkler Zones

Multiple Dwellings

What is Monitoring?

What is Monitoring of a Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler System?

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The aim of monitoring sprinkler systems is the continuous supervision of the main functions of the system, i.e. those whose failure might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in case of fire, and the raising of a supervisory alarm to allow corrective measures to be taken.

BS 9251:2021; Table 5, sets out the required items to be monitored, these are:

  • Pump – Automatic test cycle failure.

  • Pump – Power failure.

  • Pump running.

  • Tank – low water level alarm.

  • Zone stop valve not fully open.

  • All other dedicated sprinkler stop valves.

  • Trace heating system fault.

  • Supervised circuits fault (Electrical cable faults)

In addition to the items described in Table 5, it is important that all flow switches are monitored. It may be the case that these form part of the fire alarm panel

Subject to the building fire strategy FloWatch can be used in conjunction with a fire alarm panel, sending a signal when any flowswitch is in alarm and/or any fault within the sprinkler system.

Product Features

Remote Monitoring
( Subscription)

Email/ Text Alerts Upon Activation Of Any Alarm Or Fault

Remote Viewing
Via Web Browser

Audible & Visual
Alarm On Activation


Tank Level


Monitor Pumps - Faults & Pump Running


Inputs Can Be Wired NO/ NC

Easy Installation By Any Sprinkler Contractor

Can Be Interfaced With Fire Alarm System

Can Be Interfaced With BMS System

24 Hour
Battery Backup


How do you monitor a sprinkler system?










FloWatch Master Panel

The FloWatch master panel is the main panel in the FloWatch system, it will allow you to monitor:
  • Isolation Valves
  • Pumps
  • Tanks 
  • Heating Faults
  • Flow switches
  • Other devices
Each master panel has the capability to connect up
to 16 expansion modules for additional monitored devices (inputs)

FloWatch will connect to these system components via a supervisory circuit. The installation of resistors enables FloWatch to detect whether it is a fault (short or open circuit) or alarm (component activated)


The system will raise an audible alarm, display the relevant device (As named in the programming software for example type and location) and relevant LED will illuminate upon any change in signal of the component being monitored.

FloWatch operates in two formats;
Offline Mode
  • Display/identify the relevant system faults/alarms and the associated input device name/location on the LCD
  • The relevant LED will illuminate in the event of any fault (amber LED) or alarm (Activation of device - red LED)
  • Sound in the event of any fault or alarm activation
  • Record the alarm/faults
Online Remote Service (Subscription required) In addition to the Offline operation, the online remote service enables the user to:
  • Remotely view the system state and setup via web browser
  • Receive email alerts of any faults and alarm activations
  • Receive text message alerts of any faults and alarm activations
  • View the alarm/fault log history

The FloWatch system consists of two main elements:

FloWatch Expansion Modules

Expansion modules are to expand the system to allow for monitoring a total of 136 devices.
  • 8 way expansion module allows connection of up to 8 devices

EXP copy.jpg

In addition ;

  • 8 way expansion units have built in temperature sensors to identify the temperature of the area of installation

  • No power required to expansion unit - powered via master panel wiring (radial or looped circuit)

  • Visual identification (LEDs of relevant input)

  • Addressable - all expansion modules and associated inputs are individually identified


Note: If an input connected to the expansion modules is in alarm or fault state, the master panel will display the alarm/fault on the LCD screen, emit the sounder and activate the relevant LED.

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