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What The Regs Say?

What's changed?

BS9251:2014 has been replaced with BS9251:2021.

This British Standard gives recommendations for the design, installation, components, water supplies and backflow protection, commissioning, maintenance and testing of fire sprinkler systems installed for life safety purposes with additional benefits for property protection.

This British Standard also gives recommendations for sprinkler protection of domestic and residential premises where the building height is either more than four storeys or 18 m and above, whichever is the lower. The recommendations of this British Standard are also applicable to any addition, extension, repair or other modification to a residential sprinkler system.


Why do I need to Monitor the Fire Sprinkler System?


Section 5.15 of BS9251:2021 states:

"Except for category 1 systems, all valves which control the flow of water to the system should be electrically monitored for the open position."

Section of BS9251:2021 states:

"An alarm to indicate low water levels should be provided for a stored water supply"

Section 5.18 of BS9251:2021 States:

"The aim of monitoring sprinkler systems is the continuous supervision of the main functions of the system, i.e. those whose failure might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in case of fire, and the raising of a supervisory alarm to allow corrective measures to be taken.

All devices used for monitoring should have at least IP 54 protection as specified in BS EN 60529 and be connected to a common supervisory alarm device.

With the exception of category 1 systems, all devices that provide a fault signal or an alarm device signal, should be via supervised circuits”


The Solution


FloWatch are specialist manufacturers of Fire Sprinkler Monitoring and Alarm Systems. The FloWatch 9251 Sprinkler Monitoring system monitors the following elements of the system:


> Monitored Isolation Valves and will raise an audible and visual alarm in the event of an isolation valve being in the not fully open position


> Flow Switches for Activation of the Sprinkler System. FloWatch 9251 Sprinkler Monitoring system is fully addressable so each flow switch can be easily identified. This can also be interfaced with an automatic fire alarm and detection system if required under the fire strategy of the building


> Low Level Tank Switches for low water content in a storage tank


> Booster set for activation or faults.


Features of the system include:


  • 24 Hour battery Back Up

  • Fully Addressable

  • Built in GSM Sim Card to remote monitoring of system, text message and email notification

  • Easy Installation and Set Up

  • Outputs to Fire Alarm and BMS Systems

Why Install A Flowatch 9251

Monitoring & Alarm System?

24 Hour

Battery Backup

Easy To


Audible & Visual

Alarm On Activation


Monitor Pumps

And Tanks


Tank Level


Remote Viewing

Via Web Browser

Identifies Which

Switch Is Activated

Remote Monitoring

Possible With Sim Card



Can Be Interfaced With Fire Alarm System

Can Be Interfaced With BMS System

Easy Installation By Any Sprinkler Contractor