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Why FloWatch ?

Designed In Accordance To BS9251

Email/ Text Alerts

Integrate Into Main Alarm Systems

Easy To Install & Programme

Remotely View The System States

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BS9251: 2021 Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies code of practice

This British Standard accordingly covers design, installation, components, water supplies, maintenance and testing of residential sprinkler systems installed for the purpose of reducing risk to life and minimizing the spread of fire

Residential sprinkler systems consist of a water supply, backflow prevention device (e.g. check valve), stop valve, priority demand valve (where required), automatic alarm system and pipework to sprinkler heads. The sprinklers are fitted at specified locations, the appropriate sprinkler type being used for each location


Why do I need to monitor the fire sprinkler system?


Section 5.15 of BS9251:2021 states:

"Except for category 1 systems, all valves which control the flow of water to the system should be electrically monitored for the open position."

Section of BS9251:2021 states:

"An alarm to indicate low water levels should be provided for a stored water supply"

Section 5.18 of BS9251:2021 states:

"The aim of monitoring sprinkler systems is the continuous supervision of the main functions of the system, i.e. those whose failure might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in case of fire, and the raising of a supervisory alarm to allow corrective measures to be taken.

All devices used for monitoring should have at least IP 54 protection as specified in BS EN 60529 and be connected to a common supervisory alarm device.

With the exception of category 1 systems, all devices that provide a fault signal or an alarm device signal, should be via supervised circuits”

Why FloWatch


FloWatch are specialist manufacturer of fire sprinkler monitoring system. It is an addressable system so each device can be easily programmed and identified. FloWatch monitors the following elements of the system:

  • Monitored isolation valves not being in the correct position

  • Tank low level switches for low water content in a storage tank


  • Pumps - Including faults, pump running and power failure (All depending on the pump controller being used)

  • Trace heating signals 

  • Other input devices - High tank level switches, Priority demand valves 

  • Flow switches for activation of the sprinkler system.

FloWatch outputs provide the facility to:

  • Send a signal to an alarm system upon activation of any flow switch

  • Send a signal to BMS if any fault or alarm occurs within the sprinkler monitoring system

  • Correctly activate the priority demand valve in accordance with BS9251:2021 (when used in conjunction with Rapidrop PDV

Why Install a FloWatch Monitoring  System?

Remote Monitoring
(12month Free Subscription)

Email/ Text Alerts Upon Activation Of Any Alarm Or Fault

Remote Viewing
Via Web Browser

Audible & Visual
Alarm On Activation


Tank Level


Monitor Pumps - Faults & Pump Running


Inputs Can Be Wired NO/ NC

Easy Installation By Any Sprinkler Contractor

Can Be Interfaced With Fire Alarm System

Can Be Interfaced With BMS System

24 Hour
Battery Backup

  • Can FloWatch provide wiring diagrams for my system?
    FloWatch will provide a free system schematic with your first order. We would require a schematic of the particular system.
  • What power supply is required?
    230V AC single phase supply to the master panel. Expansion modules do not require separate power supplies as these take their power over the network wiring from the master panel. Expansion modules utilize the 15v PSU built within the master panel.
  • Does the FloWatch expansion module require a power supply?
    No - It is powered via the MODbus network cabling (It is powered by the master panel via radial or looped circuit wiring using 4 core FP200 cable)
  • Can I install this on a commercial sprinkler system?
    FloWatch has not been designed to be used in a commercial sprinkler system. It has been designed to be used for systems installed to BS9251.
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