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FloWatch 9251

For Systems With 1 - 4 Flow Switches

Flowatch 9251 - front and bottom.png

The FloWatch 9251 is a Sprinkler Alarm and Control System Suitable for monitoring Sprinkler Systems in accordance with BS9251 containing Multiple Flow Switches.


Common Applications include High Rise Blocks of Apartments with Flow Switches on each Floor requiring linking to a central alarm.


The FloWatch 9251 will monitor the flow Switches and when there is an activation will sound an audible alarm and will display on screen the location of the flow switch that has been activated. 

Flowatch 9251 Expansion Module

Monitor Up To An Additional 64 Flow Switches

Monitor up to an additional 64 flow switches by adding an expansion module your Flowatch 9251 Master Panel.

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FloWatch 9251 Mini

For Systems With A Single Sprinkler Zone

Flowatch 9251 mini.png

The FloWatch 9251 MINI is our Sprinkler Control and Alarm System suitable for installation with a single zone Sprinkler System installed in accordance with BS9251.

The 9251 Mini is suitable for a Single Dwelling installation with single zone.