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Programming Software 

The correct programming software must be used for the appropriate master panel.

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Download the latest programming software for V2 Master panels only

(Windows 10 Minimum)


master panel front 1 copy.png

Download the latest programming software for V1 Master panels only

Configurator 0.39 

(Windows 7 Minimum)

Installation Operation & Maintenance Manual

In depth overview of the FloWatch system install operation and maintenance

Generic Wiring/ Schematic Diagrams

4 Floor building monitored isolation valve and flow switch per floor

FloWatch expansion module Radial address schematic

FloWatch expansion module Looped address schematic

FloWatch generic wiring diagram

Commissioning Template

Excel based commissioning template used for:

- System schematic handover

- Client witness/ sign off

Cad Files

Master Panel Update - Firmware

FloWatch have a continual improvement policy, taking on board regulatory updates, customer feedback and any product improvements.


Because of this, from time to time we will release firmware updates that can be installed by your service contractor. 

FloWatch recommend updating the master panel to the latest firmware when carrying out maintenance/ annual service.

Note: Ensure the correct firmware is being used for the relevant Master panel.

The system will need re-commissioning if the firmware is updated to ensure correct operation.

master panel front 1 copy.png

(2.18 3/11/22 Firmware)

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