9251 Expansion Modules

Monitor Up To An Additional 128 Flow Switches or Monitored Isolation Valves

Easy Installation & Setup

Flowatch 9251 mini.png

Monitor up to an additional 128 flow switches or monitored isolation valves by adding up to 16 8 way expansion modules to your FloWatch 9251 Master Panel.

Each expansion module monitors up to 8 additional inputs and is designed for easy installation within a riser cupboard.

The expansion panels easily connect to your FloWatch 9251 Master Panel via a 4 wire daisy chain network.  


Data Sheet

Wiring Diagram

Each Expansion Module:

  • Monitors up to 4 or 8 additional flow switches

  • Has LED indicators on the front to confirm status of each flow switch during installation

  • Has volt-free wiring

  • Addressable via dip switches

  • Compact design - Suitable for installation in riser cupboard

Features Include:

  • Monitors up to 132 flow switches or monitored isolation valves with the addition of 16No. expansion modules 

  • Audible alarm on activation of a flow switch

  • Clearly identifies location of flow switch that has been activated

  • Monitors pump (if installed) and alerts building occupants if a fault with the pump occurs

  • Monitors cold water tank (if installed) for low water content and alerts building occupants if the water supply is low

  • Can be interfaced with building fire alarm system if required

  • Can be accessed remotely from PC / smart phone to see status of sprinkler system 

  • Sprinkler system can be connected to a remote monitoring system which will prompt a site visit in the event that a fault occurs

  • MODBUS Compatible via RS485 for interface with building management systems (BMS)

Technical Information: