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Expansion Modules

Each expansion module allows connection of up to 8 devices

  • Isolation valves

  • Pumps

  • Tanks

  • Heating fault

  • Flow switches

  • Other devices



Expand the system by connecting up to 16 expansion modules to the master panel.


  • Monitor up to 8 devices

  • LED indicators providing visual identification of fault and/or alarms of connected input devices

  • Addressable - all expansion modules and associated inputs are individually identified 

  • No mains voltage required - powered by the master panel radial or looped wiring circuit

Note : If an input connected to the expansion module is in alarm or fault state, the master panel will display the alarm/fault on the LCD screen, emit the sounder and activate the relevant LED

EXP 3 copy.jpg


Data Sheet

Installation, operation and maintenance manual

Technical Specifications

Alarm or Fault                                Visual LED & operates master panel functions

Electrical Supply                            Power supply wired directly from master panel (15V)

Ordering Codes

RDFWEM8                                       FloWatch 8 Way expansion module

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