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FloWatch Master Panel

Each master panel allows for connection of 2 fixed inputs

  • Pump fault

  • Tank low level

Plus up to 4 configured inputs

  • Flow switches

  • Isolation valves

  • Pump running

  • Heating system



Download :

Data Sheet

Installation, operation & maintenance manual

Master Panel - Copy.png

The master panel is the main control panel within the FloWatch system.


  • Monitor 2 fixed inputs (pump fault and low tank level)

  • Monitor up to 4 configured input devices (flow switch, Isolation valve, pump running, heating system)

  • Expandable by connecting up to 16 expansion modules

  • LCD displays the relevant input in fault or alarm

  • LED indicators providing visual identification of fault and/or alarms of connected input devices

  • Sounder omits upon any alarm or fault

  • Outputs for integration with fire alarm systems, building management system or for correct operation of Priority demand valve

  • Email/ text alerts of any system fault or alarm

  • Remotely view the system state

Technical Specifications

Electrical Supply                   230 VAC single phase                                    

Configured Inputs                4 (Flow switch, isolation valve, pump running, heating system)                 

Alarm or Fault                       Sounder, visual LCD & visual LED          

Ordering Codes

FLO-FW-MTR                                              FloWatch Master Panel                                     

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