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Remote Monitoring - its a must!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The majority of Apartment blocks in the UK do not have a full time building manager or concierge.

When a system fails is it down to the residents to inform the management company of such failure. For example, if the water supply fails the building manager only becomes aware when multiple occupants phone to complain of no water. It is then down to the building manager to rectify as quickly as possible while managing the occupiers complaints.

But what if a system was installed in a building that the occupants did not know was not working? A system that sits dormant 364 days a year, waiting in the wings like a bit part actor ready to take centre stage and be the hero.

This is where the FloWatch Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System adds value to your building. The FloWatch Fire Sprinkler Monitoring system watches the critical elements of the sprinkler system and raises an alarm in the event of a fault or isolation of the system. But it doesn't just raise this alarm on site. The FloWatch Sprinkler Monitoring system has an inbuilt GSM sim card which will email out a fault or isolation notification to a nominated email address allowing the Building Manager to take immediate remedial action ensuring the Fire Sprinkler System has minimal down time.

Not only does the inbuilt Sim send out emails, it allows users to log in via any web browser to see the status of the sprinkler system .. LIVE. Yes what is happening right now! It will give a status of each connected item, whether it be flow switches, isolation valves, booster sets and tanks.

The FloWatch Fire Sprinkler monitoring system even has a 12 month alarm log available to view online via the web! The alarm log registers every fault or system activation with a date and time stamp and will also record the date and time each and every fault / isolation / activation was rectified.

Why would you install a system that could saves lives and not monitor it to make sure it was working? Use the FloWatch Sprinkler Monitoring system with monitored Isolation Valves today to protect your asset.

Email us now at to arrange a call back from one of our team to discuss Sprinkler Monitoring on your next project.

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