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FloWatch - Your Sprinkler Monitoring Design team

FloWatch was established to provide a clear solution for monitoring the status of Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems. Prior to the creation of FloWatch we would regularly see contractors using Fire Alarm panels, home made lights with a sounder, BMS systems, Smoke Control Panels and in quite a few cases, flow switches / isolation valves not monitored when they were required to be.

With each different solution mentioned above, each dealt with the issue in a different way and each had varying outcomes. What there wasn't was a standard method that everybody used with a standard result.

Before we get a comment saying just connect it to a fire alarm panel - lets talk about that for a minute. Fire Alarm Panels most commonly in Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems have been used to pick up the alarm signal from the Flow Switch installed on each zone to alert an activation. Great. 9 times out of 10 this is installed in line with the fire strategy report and the recommendations in BS9251:2014. However, this is not monitoring a Fire Sprinkler System. A Flow Switch tells you the system has activated. Whats different with FloWatch - we monitor the parts of the system aswell as the flow switch prior to its activation - isolation valves, tank levels and booster sets. We monitor the main functions of the system whose failure might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in case of fire. For example, if an isolation valve was in the closed position, flow of water would be stopped to the sprinkler head. Therefore in the event of a fire, the head would activate but no water would come out - and without monitoring the system how would you know the isolation valve was closed??? On a normal domestic water system you would know a valve was shut if you tried to use a tap for example, however with a sprinkler system because the system sits dormant until required how would you know the valve is closed?? Other systems which link to Fire Alarm Panels have their own controls - Smoke Dampers, AOV's, - so why should monitoring of Sprinkler systems for fault be done on a fire alarm panel? A Fire Alarm panel is what is says it is - A Panel to raise an alarm in the event of a fire. It is not a Sprinkler Monitoring system.

So how can FloWatch add value to your project? Well we start by undertaking the full design of the monitoring system for you, for FREE! All our system designs follow the latest guidance in the relevant British Standards giving our clients peace of mind.

You provide us with the Boosted Cold Water / Sprinkler Schematic, copy of the Fire Strategy Report and your requirements, then our technical team will provide a fully coordinated design solution with parts list. If you don't know what you require - don't worry our sales team will be able to advise then this will be passed onto our designers on order placement.

We then provide you with a full site wide schematic showing where the components should be installed for the lowest cost option installation, what cabling should be used, how to terminate each cable correctly and how to set the system up specific for your project.

If you have a project and need to include monitoring, get in touch with us today and send us your project for us to provide you with a solution. If you haven't got a Sprinkler design - don't worry! If you tell us a bit about the project, then our competent designers will be able to provide a system based on the latest BS9251. We will then work with you as the Sprinkler Design develops to ensure the Sprinkler Monitoring system complies.

We can also provide advice on Flow Switches, monitored Isolation Valve, tank level switches and integration with Booster Sets. By engaging early with FloWatch you can benefit from the expertise of our team in developing your system.

Got an unusual project - don't worry if we don't have a standard product then we will design a system that meets your requirements.

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