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Mind the Gap!

One of the most important areas of any project is co-ordination. We have seen the biggest and best jobs fail towards the end without a strong emphasis placed on getting the right people round the table at the right time. This all begins at design stage and understanding how everyone will feel on handover day.... We believe that the majority of the work should be carried out before a screwdriver is lifted on site. A trickle down effect reverberates through a job like a nasty case of Covid-19.

Once the wheels are set in motion and a job has begun on site each trade should have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in providing a complete working job.

A major part in getting this right is surrounding yourself with good people and ensuring that through your supply chain that all bases are covered. Of course there are several areas that no matter what team you have on board will always be difficult that is contracting for you... As the old saying goes "if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it".

Our driving motivation has always been taking away the grey area that exist between trades. FloWatch is a dedicated system designed for the residential market to monitor crucial parts of the fire sprinkler installation taking away the headache of who's responsibility monitoring is.

We hear the below comments from contractors time after time -

Fire Alarm Engineer

"we wire to local IO final connection by others"

"what are we supposed to do with inputs"

"sprinkler contractor unknown"

"is there a cause & effect schedule"

"how do we distribute alarms"

Sprinkler Contractor

"flow switches left unmonitored"

"flow switches picked up by others"

"what do we connect a flow switch/monitored isolation valve to?"

"AAAAAAAHHH CABLES, We don't do wires..!"

M&E Contractor

"I dont give a sh*t who does it just make sure its sorted!"

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