Simply replace the standard Isolation Valve or Riser Valve Set (Resi Riser Valve consisting of Flow Switch, isolation valve, pressure gauge and drain point,) with either a monitored isolation valve or Monitored Residential Valve Set and connect to a FloWatch Monitoring System!

It's that simple!

The FloWatch Monitoring system can monitor the following:


  • Monitored Isolation valves which will raise an alarm if the isolation valve is not in the fully open position.


  • Flow Switches which will raise an alarm to warn that the Sprinkler system is active



  • Tank Level Switches to raise an alarm when the volume of stored water is insufficient



  • Booster Sets can be monitored with an alarm raised for fault or loss of power.



A fully monitored system will raise an alarm in the event any isolation valve is not in the fully open position, there is insufficient stored water or the pump has a fault which could prevent it from working.

monitored resi riser valve.png

How Do you monitor a Sprinkler System?


  • Isolation Valves

  • Flow Switches

  • Tank Level Switches

  • Booster Set Fault

FlowWatch Fire Sprinkler Monitoring & Alarm Systems To BS9251

The FloWatch 9251 Master Panel is installed at the entrance to the building or block. Every system requires a master panel. This panel, as a standalone unit, can monitor upto 4 inputs, either monitored isolation valves or flow switches, a tank level switch and a Normally Open Contact from a Booster Set fault output.


For sprinkler systems with more than 4 monitored isolation valves or flow switches, expansion units are connected to the Master Panel allowing additional inputs to be monitored. 


Expansion Units come in two versions, the 4 Way Unit which can monitor 4 additional inputs, or the 8 way which can monitor upto an additional 8 inputs. Upto 16 Expansion Devices can be connected to a single Master Unit giving a total of 132 inputs from a single system.  

"Monitoring is the Continuous Supervision of the Main Functions of the system whose impairment may effect the correct operation of the system"

A typical installation of a FloWatch Monitoring System is shown in the diagram below. The Master Unit is installed at the entrance to the building and then expansion units are installed in locations in the Sprinkler Riser Cupboard as indicated. The Master Unit can be connected to the first four inputs, then expansion units added to pick up additional inputs upto a total of 132 inputs.

The Master Unit is connected to the first Expansion Unit by a 4 core FP200 1.5mm2 cable, then from the first expansion to the second creating a daisy chained network. 

From the Master Unit or an Expansion Unit, a 2 core FP200 1.5mm2 cable is connected to either the monitored isolation valve or flow switch. The 4 Way Expansion Module has 4 inputs and the 8 way Expansion module has 8 inputs. One input is either a monitored isolation valve or Flow Switch.